Adrian Martinez

Adrian Martinez was committed to Tennessee when Nebraska's new coaching staff began recruiting him. Content Exchange

Nebraska received a commitment Wednesday from Wandale Robinson, who flipped his pledge from Kentucky to the Huskers.

Flipping is common in college recruiting, and Nebraska has both lost players who flipped to other schools and gained players who flipped to NU. In recent years, the Huskers have had several big hits and misses from players who spurned other schools to choose the Huskers.

Here are five flips that paid off and five that didn't add up to much:


Adrian Martinez

Flipped from: Tennessee

Nebraska’s new coaching staff — led by Scott Frost and quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco — made Martinez a No. 1 recruiting priority once it took over. Fortunately for NU, Tennessee was turning over its coaching staff, as well, and NU beat the Volunteers to the punch. Martinez flipped in mid-December and had the best freshman season of any quarterback in Husker history.

Randy Gregory

Flipped from: Purdue

Gregory committed to Purdue out of high school before attending Arizona Western because he failed to academically qualify. Gregory remained committed to Purdue when he visited Nebraska in October 2012. Gregory liked what he saw, decommitted from Purdue and pledged to Nebraska the following day. Gregory is Nebraska’s best pass rusher since joining the Big Ten.

Chris Jones

Flipped from: Purdue

If the early signing day existed in December 2013, NU probably doesn’t get Jones, who committed to Purdue on Dec. 17, 2013. But Nebraska, on the hunt for cornerbacks, became more interested in Jones once it traveled to the Jacksonville area for the Gator Bowl. Jones took a visit to Nebraska in mid-January 2018 and committed afterward. He was a three-year starter for NU at corner and currently resides on an NFL roster.

Devine Ozigbo

Flipped from: Iowa State

Ozigbo committed to the Cyclones over Boise State in the summer of 2014. He became a Husker running back target once NU’s new coaching staff at the time — led by then-running backs coach Reggie Davis — zeroed in on Ozigbo’s well-rounded skill set. Ozigbo committed to Nebraska in January 2015 and went on to become a 2,000-yard career rusher, including a 1,000-yard season this year.

Antonio Reed

Flipped from: Memphis

Reed, like Jones, was a late bloomer who committed to Memphis in mid-December 2014. Not long after, Nebraska’s new staff was on the hunt for safeties and Reed came onto NU’s radar through a recommendation of Charlton Warren, who later left the Huskers for a job at North Carolina. Reed visited NU and committed there. He had 42 tackles in 2017 and 44 in 2018 and was a solid contributor for four seasons in Lincoln.


Tyjon Lindsey

Tyjon Lindsey was a headliner of Mike Riley's 2017 recruiting class, but he didn't produce much before transferring four games into the 2018 season.

Ernest Suttles

Flipped from: Iowa State

Nebraska thought it had a steal in Suttles, a star from the Tampa area whom NU flipped from the Cyclones. Suttles broke a bottle over the head of a Husker teammate upon his arrival, though, and ultimately was kicked out of the program. He eventually landed at Memphis.

Joe Keels

Flipped from: Wisconsin

Keels was a big get when Nebraska landed him out of Highland (Kan.) Community College. A big, physical defensive end with a big personality, Keels turned away from his home-state Badgers to pick the Huskers. Keels could never stay healthy at Nebraska and didn’t play much before he transferred to Eastern Michigan for his final season of eligibility.

Dwayne Johnson

Flipped from: Purdue

Johnson suddenly became a hot offensive tackle prospect a few weeks before signing day 2013, attracting lots of top offers — including Nebraska and Oklahoma. NU won out, but Johnson played sparingly over four years in Lincoln. As a graduate he transferred to Texas Tech, closer to home.

Matt Snyder

Flipped from: Oregon State

In the coaching changeover between Bo Pelini and Mike Riley, a couple Oregon State commits flipped to Nebraska, and Snyder was one of them. Nebraska won a recruiting battle with Michigan for Snyder’s services, but injuries derailed a promising career in Lincoln. He transferred out over the summer.

Tyjon Lindsey

Flipped from: Ohio State

The highest-profile recruit of the Riley era, Lindsey committed to Ohio State then spent a full fall wavering from that choice until he dramatically changed his mind and picked Nebraska just before signing day 2017. Sadly, Lindsey at NU never looked like the player he was in high school. He left for Oregon State four games into this season and Husker coaches weren’t terribly sad to see him go.

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