Middle Tennessee Crappie Club fished at Woods Reservoir on Aug. 18, hosting 13 boats fishing in the tournament.

“Everybody that knows much about crappie fishing knows August is a tough month typically to catch a lot of big crappie, but we had quite a few of our membership attend this tournament to see what we could catch and to also remember an ole friend from Lincoln County who passed away back in June,” said Toby Ivey. “That friend was one of our members, Mr. Goody Hill.”

For this particular tournament, one of the club’s Lincoln County citizens and club members put up an additional $100 to go with the regular pot for biggest fish caught during the tournament. The club also paid out to the top three placing boats in the tourney as well.

“The day started out right nice, but by an hour or so into the tournament the sun went away and the rains came,” said Ivey. “It rained really hard for about 45 minutes or so, and after that, it was a pretty nice day for the remainder of the tournament.

Of the winners pictured below, only one person is not from Lincoln County.

Taking first place were Robert Baker and Larry Britton, both of Lincoln County. They bested all boats with 7.26 pounds.

Taking second place were Terry and Trent Spray, also of Lincoln County, with 7.06 pounds. Taking third place was Toby Ivey of Lincoln County and Matthew Nash of Franklin County with 6.33 pounds.

Also taking the big fish pot this day was Kenneth Locke of Lincoln County. He took the big fish pot with a nice 1.58 BF. Locke is also one of three Lincoln County fellows who fished many years with Mr. Goody Hill.

“MTCC wants to thank all who attended this tournament, and also a big thanks goes out to the one who gave the donation,” Ivey added. “It was a great way to remember our friend, Mr. Goody Hill. RIP, ole friend.”