Taylor Butcher, a junior on Riverside Christian Academy’s Lady Knight basketball team, was named to the Middle Tennessee Athletic Conference (MTAC) All-Stars for her achievements on and off the court.

As an MTAC All-Star, Butcher was among almost 100 athletes to play in the late-March tournament held at Welch College in Gallatin and hosted by the National Athletic Association of Private Schools.

“She is a coach’s dream,” said Coach Adam Ragland, following a season that saw the defending MTAC champions finish in second place in this year’s conference tournament. “Taylor really and truly loves to learn and does very well at implementing the goals you lay out for her.”

Known for moving the ball well, being a great three-point shooter and good at the line, Taylor also gains high praise from the coach for her work ethic in practice, the way she helps younger players, and her close attention to coaching. She also never allows drama around her, the coach continued, adding that, most important, she loves the Lord.

“She is a great leader and leads by example,” he said, noting that Taylor works hard in the off-season and is always attentive at practice. “Not many kids like to practice, but Taylor is always ready to practice – she stays late and comes early as well.”

Throughout this season, Taylor struggled with a low ankle sprain, the coach said, but she played through and even held her scoring average while playing hurt.

“She has a toughness about her that most girls don’t have. I attribute that to the way she has been raised. Her parents have instilled in her a great work ethic that carries over into her basketball life. She has never been a kid who needs a lot of praise; she just loves her teammates and wants to be a blessing to coach.”

Ragland said that he believes that next year will be huge for Taylor, as long her ankle rehabs well and she remains healthy, Taylor’s younger sister, Ashley, who also plays for the Lady Knights, will be playing up next season as well.

“I’m excited to see both of these girls help us to another championship at RCA,” said Ragland. “Taylor has led us to two championships back to back, winning one and competing for a second, falling short to Franklin Christian Academy in late February.

“Kids like Taylor Butcher don’t come around at smaller schools like ours too often. Her spirit off the court shines as well, and I’m proud and blessed to know her and coach her for the past few years.

“She is a blessing to the RCA family,” he added. “May God continue to use this young lady for His glory in all she does!”

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