Lincoln County High School’s girls won the district team tournament, 4-3, on the road at Marshall County in a match that came down to the last match on court.

The win sent the ladies to the first round of Region 4-AAA tournament action where they went down in a battle to Murfreesboro Magnet School, 3-4.

Against Marshall County in the district championship, results were as follows:

Individuals: Lucy Higgins won 8-3 over Alexa Hooten; Julia Marsh won 8-4 over McKenna Hunter; Claire Mullins lost 5-8 to Reese Michael; Carlie Mullins lost 6-8 to AC Moses; Chloe Bridge won 8-3 in the clinching match over Megan Smith.

Doubles: Higgins/Mullins won 9-8; Bridge/Marsh lost 8-9 to Michaels/Moses.

Against Murfreesboro Magnet in the region finals at the Adams Center at Old Fort Park, the Lady Falcons fell 3-4.

Individuals: Lucy Higgins won 6-4, 6-4, over Mamie Sevier; Julia Marsh lost 0-6, 2-6, to Megan Scott; Claire Mullins lost 1-6, 1-6, to Molly Speight; Carlie Mullins lost 0-6, 0-6, to Macy Speight; Chloe Bridge won 5-7, 6-3, 6-0, over Ashton Melton.

Doubles: Marsh/Higgins won 8-5 over Sevier/Scott; Bridge/Mullins lost 1-8 to Speight/Speight.

“I was proud of the girls for winning the district, but the match with Murfreesboro Magnet shows that we are closer to competing at a higher level,” said Coach Jonathan Brown. “Lucy had a big win in singles. The girl she beat has signed to play Division 3 tennis, so beating a future college athlete was a big win not only for Lucy but our program.

“Chloe played her best match of her life,” he added. “She continues to get better every match she plays, and she is fearless on the court. In the doubles, Lucy and Julia played their best tennis of the season. If they play at that level when we go to individual regionals, we have a chance to compete. To play a match that was that competitive against a team that is usually in the state tournament is great for us moving forward. The match came down to two doubles, and Magnet had the Speight girls at two doubles, and they are a great team who made the individual state semifinals last year.

“Lucy and Julia play doubles at 2 p.m. at Old Fort Park in individual doubles on Monday. The winner of the region advances to the state the following week.”

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