Big week for LCHS tennis

The doubles team of Carlie Mullins (left) and Claire Mullins (right) finished as runner-up in doubles action of the Individual District Tournament held last week in Shelbyville; both received All-District honors. Lucy Higgins (center) won the singles competition and was named District MVP.

Big week for LCHS tennis

The LCHS Tennis team had a good week on the court. In the district team tournament semifinals Wednesday at home the ladies improved their overall record to 14-0 with a 5-0 sweep over Shelbyville. The Falcons improved to 13-1 sweeping Marshall Co. 5-0.

Thursday and Friday the individual tournament was held in Shelbyville. After a 13 hour marathon on the court, Lucy Higgins captured the singles title. In the boys’ doubles action, Coleman Bain and Carter Monks finished on top. Claire and Carlie Mullins finished as runner-up in girl’s doubles; Caden Teesateskie and Sam Robinson were runner-up in the boys’ doubles.

Lucy Higgins was selected as District MVP; Carlie and Claire Mullins, Coleman Bain, Carter Monks, Caden Teesateskie, and Sam Robinson received All-District honors.

Each will advance to the Individual Region Tournament played May 17th at Old Fort Park in Murfreesboro.

Team Semifinals

Girls against Shelbyville: 1. Higgins won 8-2; 2. Claire Mullins won 8-1; 3. Carlie Mullins won 8-4; 4. Emma Fraley won 8-1; 5. Calee Gentry won 9-7

Boys against Marshall Co.: 1. Caden Teesateskie won 8-1; 2. Carter Monks won 8-4; 3. Coleman Bain won 8-1; 4. Sam Robinson won 8-1; 5. Lade Porter won 8-1.

Individual District tournament

Girls Singles: One seed Lucy Higgins won 8-1 over Allen, Marshall Co.; 4 seed Emma Fraley won 8-3 over Phillips, Shelbyville.

Second Round: Higgins won 8-0 over Mulliniks, Marshall Co; Fraley won 8-5 over Chavez, Lawrence Co.

Semifinals: Higgins won 6-2, 6-0 over Fraley, Lincoln Co.

Finals: Higgins won 7-5, 6-1 over Noel, Shelbyville.

Boys singles: Tripp Foster lost 4-8 to Estes, Marshall Co; Lake Porter won 8-0 over Hunt, Marshall Co.

Second Round: Porter lost 1-8 to Talley, Coffee Co (finished runner up)

Girls Doubles

First Round: Three seed Mullins/Mullins won 8-1 over Harmon/Cashion, Columbia; Calee Gentry/Janna Holland lost 6-8 to Trush/Turpin, Tullahoma

Second Round: Mullins/Mullins won 8-2 over Michaels/Collins Marshall Co

Semifinal: Mullins/Mullins won 2-6, 6-4, 6-2, won over two seed Smith/Phillips, Marshall Co.

Finals: Mullins/Mullins lost 2-6, 1-6 to Perry/McNamara, Coffee Co

Boys Doubles

First Round: One seed Teesateskie/Robinson Bye; 2 Seed Bain/Monks Bye

Second Round: Teesateskie/Robinson won 8-2 over Frakes/Golden, Lawrence Co; Bain/Monks won 8-0 over Capps/Collazo, Marshall Co

Semifinals: Teesateskie/Robinson won 6-4, 6-3 over Welch/Nelson Coffee Co; Bain/Monks won 6-3, 6-4 Zimecki/Clemons, Tullahoma

Finals: Bain/Monks won 6-2, 4-6, 6-4 over Teesateskie/Robinson, Lincoln Co.

JV Girls

First Round: Sarah Beth Brandon won 4-0; Maggie Franklin won 4-0; Rachel Baker won 4-0; Abbie Grace Mashburn lost 2-4; Allie Newton won 4-1; Maggie Paladino won 4-0.

Second Round: Sarah Beth Brandon won default; Shawna Terry lost 3-5;

Maggie Franklin won 4-0; Maggie Paladino won 4-0; Rachel Baker won 4-0; Allie Grace Newton won 4-2; Olivia Swindall won 4-1.

Quarterfinals: Sarah Beth Brandon won 5-4; Maggie Franklin lost 1-4; Maggie Paladino lost 2-4; Allie Newton won 5-3 over Olivia Swindall, Lincoln Co

Semifinals: Sarah Beth Brandon lost 4-6; Newton lost 4-6

JV boys

First Round: Will Myrick won 5-3.

Second Round: Clay Owen won 4-2 over Will Myrick, Lincoln Co; Jackson Taylor won 4-0; Dylan Malone won 4-1; Luke Robinson won 4-0.

Quarterfinals: Jackson Taylor won 5-4 over Clay Owen, Lincoln Co; Dylan Malone lost 2-4; Luke Robinson won 4-0

Semifinal: Jackson Taylor lost 2-6 Coffee Co; Luke Robinson lost 2-6 Coffee Co