Hunter Road Damage

A preliminary damage assessment by the National Weather Service found at least EF0 damage and estimated wind speeds of 85 miles per hour in the area of the Tennessee/Alabama state line early this afternoon.

There were no injuries, said Doug Campbell, director of the Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency. A home at 253 Hunter Road, which traverses the state line, did sustain some structural damage as the result of downed trees. 

Both Fayetteville Public Utilities and Madison County Electric crews were out making repairs. FPU had a pole break as a result of a tree falling on the line. 

In addition to FPU, Park City and Vanntown Fire Units, the Lincoln County Sherriff's Department, and Lincoln County Highway Department responded to the scene, along with the Hazel Green Fire Department and Madison County Electric.

Since undergoing major improvements, Lincoln County's new severe weather sirens worked perfectly, Campbell said. The sirens are now set to sound based on the polygon that the National Weather Service sends out for affected areas. 

"The sirens at South Lincoln and Flintville were directly under the polygon with Highland Rim just barely outside the 'box'," he said, noting that those sounded, and that it is likely that the Highland Rim siren sounded as well.

"This was our first storm opportunity -- hopefully the last -- where our sirens were automatically activated since the installation was completed late last year," he continued. "We did get calls from Blanche and Unity, and we appreciate those calls by the way, letting us know the sirens at these schools did not sound, which is as it should be since those areas were not impacted.

"I know this is a little different than the way our sirens operated for the past couple of years when all of them activated at one time. This was mostly due to the original system no longer has the capability to do either just one, two or all of them." 

The National Weather Service is expected to be in the area Thursday conducting a more thorough assessment.