Grady M. Reavis, a lifelong resident of Lincoln County’s 2nd District, has announced his candidacy for one of the district’s seats on the Lincoln County Commission.

He and his wife of 48 years, Lorene Reavis, have three children, all raised and schooled in Lincoln County, and six grandchildren. He and his wife attend the Howell Church of Christ.

“I’d like to thank everyone for allowing me to be your county commissioner the last 12 years,” he said, “and I would appreciate the opportunity to continue serving District 2.”

Self-employed since 1975, Reavis owned and operated his own companies for several years, mostly in the construction and crushed stone businesses here in Lincoln County, although he has had many projects in other parts of Tennessee.

As a commissioner representing District 2, Reavis currently serves on the planning commission and the land use, zoning, and budget committees.

“One of the main things I really try to do is listen to the people,” he said. “I believe we are elected to represent the people, so what people who live in my district have to say about things is important. I know, too, what it’s like to try to make all ends meet in life.

“I love Lincoln County and most of the people here,” he added. “Being a county commissioner takes a lot of time and involvement. I’ve learned a lot about government since I began serving my district, and I’d like to use that experience to better our county. I hope I have my district’s support, but I do ask that people please go vote.”

Reavis can be contacted at (931) 580-9105.