Christopher Hale

Rutherford County native Christopher Hale has announced his candidacy for US Congress, running for election as the representative of Tennessee’s fourth congressional district in the US House of Representatives. He will be competing with Noelle Bivens in the Democratic Primary on August 6. The following is a personal statement from Hale:

“My name is Christopher Hale, and with great humility and love of home and country, I’m announcing my candidacy for the United States Congress.

“Born and raised in our community, I was educated in Rutherford County public schools and graduated as a valedictorian from my high school. After college, I dedicated my career to the belief that faith can transform human society, particularly in favor of those who are too often left out and left behind. First in the service of a president of the United States and then as the executive of a faith-based non-profit, I brought together people of all walks of life to make our nation a little more just and a little less cold.

“I’ve spent my life in public service and advocacy standing up to the bullies, fighting for the forgotten, and making good things happen for Tennessee families. My faith has taught me something: the joys and the hopes, the sufferings and the anxieties of the people of Tennessee must be the joys and the hopes, the sufferings and anxieties of our elected leaders.

“Our beloved Tennessee and America are in trouble. Overwhelmed by scandals, our Congressman has disappeared and is never coming back. When this pandemic is over, Tennesseans will remember who helped us and who didn’t.

“More than ever, Tennesseans need help. Health care and rural hospitals, good jobs and living wages are no longer questions of left versus right, but right versus wrong.

“First as a doctor and then as a Congressman, Scott DesJarlais took an oath to do no harm and to protect our people. He violated that oath. Before the virus came, Dr. DesJarlais did nothing to protect us. Now that it’s here, he’s doing little to help us.

“Congressman DesJarlais’s #1 goal in his decade in Washington has been to repeal the 20th century. From Medicare and Social Security to civil rights and workers’ rights, he wants it all gone. However, I don’t just want to protect our past, but build Tennessee’s future where no child is unheard, unseen, or unloved.

“Outside of my faith and family, nothing matters to me more than being a Tennessean and an American.

“Though I can’t shake your hand, in the unique ways that mark these times, I want to meet you. I want to know you and your story. I want to learn from you.

“To every Tennessean who is struggling, whether from a deadly virus, the inability to find good work, a checkered past, or a dim future, I want you to know this: I’ll walk with you the entire way forward. Help is on the way.

“God-willing, I’ll see you on the road soon.

“Until then, stay safe and join me on this journey as we make of this special place something all the more special still. Learn more at If you’re with me, and I already have your vote, text HALEYES to 31996 to get involved in the fight.”