Pierce announces bid for Assessors Office

Dale Pierce

Dale Pierce has announced his candidacy for Property Assessor for Lincoln County in the upcoming August 6th election.

Pierce has been an employee of the Assessor’s office for 4 years. His duties in the Assessor’s office often take him into the field, picking up new construction, reviewing existing properties and modifying tax cards in accord with current tax laws. Pierce is also the GIS Mapper for the Assessor’s office totaling his GIS/GPS mapping experience to ten years.

“In my first few months on the job I had the fun task of cleaning up about two thousand ‘data debris’ errors which taught me a lot about attention to detail and established mindfulness for what my job ultimately required.” Pierce said. “I also work to carefully update old map data since surveying is much more accurate these days and I make it a point to cross-reference deed details with pinpointed map data to create clean and accurate lines—a major plus for all property owners.”

Pierce has also spent much of his adult life doing residential and commercial construction, remodeling, and additions which he fully believes gives him a stronger eye for assessing property. “I’ve learned to be objective in assessment, whether it’s old structures that may not be justified for taxation according to state laws or new additions being joined to long-standing structures.” He continues, “My work history has more than adequately prepared me to make this step in my career. As Assessor of Property, I will ensure the integrity of tax laws are upheld and I will dedicate myself to equitable and fair assessment of all properties within Lincoln County. I look forward to speaking with the people of Lincoln County in the weeks to come and I would appreciate your vote on August 6th.”

Pierce is a native of Lincoln County, the son of Ricky and Sara Jo Pierce and grandson of the late John and Mary Pierce and the late Carlee and Georgia Luna. He is a graduate of Lincoln County High School and Martin Methodist College. Dale and his wife Jen reside in Fayetteville. Learn more about Dale and his campaign at www.votedalepierce.com.