No action taken on Collins' job

Scott Collins

 Three items were on Monday night’s Special Called Meeting Agenda of the Fayetteville Board of Mayor and Aldermen to discuss the future of City Administrator Scott Collins’ job with the city. Shortly after Mayor Michael Whisenant called the meeting to order and asked if there were any changes or amendments to the agenda, Vice Mayor Danny Bryant made three separate motions to remove all three items from the agenda, which meant the meeting was adjourned.

Bryant said that the mayor and aldermen had received a letter late in the afternoon from Collins’ attorney, David McKenzie, referencing the “severance proposal for Scott Collins.”

“This proposal was not on the agenda and wasn’t advertised [as such],” Bryant said, adding that it would need to go through the proper committees of the Finance Department. He then made a motion to remove item A from the agenda: “Discuss the job performance of City Administrator Scott Collins.” Alderman Dorothy Small seconded the motion and with no discussion, a roll call vote was taken. Aldermen Small, Bryant and Tonya Allen voted yes, while Aldermen Jeff Alder, Donna Hartman and Roger Martinez voted no. The mayor cast a yes vote to break the tie.

Bryant made another motion to remove B from the agenda, which read: Discuss and vote upon whether Collins’ contract as City Administrator will be terminated. Small seconded the motion and, again with no discussion, the vote was tied with the mayor’s yes vote removing B from the agenda.

Bryant’s third motion was to remove item C, which was to “Discuss and vote upon an interim City Administrator, if Collins’ contract is terminated.” A repeat of the vote resulted in this item also being removed from the agenda. Someone from the audience yelled out “Ridiculous!”

Only items listed on the agenda of a Special Called meeting can be discussed, Mayor Whisenant said after the meeting was adjourned. “Other developments came up this afternoon,” he said. When this reporter asked the city recorder for a copy of the letter from Collins’ attorney since it had been out to each aldermen prior to the start of the meeting, City Attorney John Hill was hesitant and asked that he be called Tuesday morning for an answer.

During last week’s Work Session discussion took place about Collins’ 2021 Evaluation Review.  His overall score was 2.43, which was an all time low since he was hired eight years ago

The mayor said Collins’ future with the city will be on the August 10 BOMA agenda.