The Lincoln County Anti-Drug Coalition has partnered with Josh Crews and Stephen Mason with Tennessee Save A Life to offer free Narcan training courses to the public.

Crews and Mason are regional overdose prevention specialists with a state funded grant program called Tennessee Save A Life, which falls under the State Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. They cover 13 counties across southern and middle Tennessee and provide free services to their counties.

Services are offered to first responders, such as law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel, community agencies, and to anyone in the public who wants and/or needs these services.

Education is provided about opioids and the opioid epidemic, harm and stigma reduction, what addiction is and why it is a disease, risk factors for an opioid overdose, what not to do during an overdose, what to do during an overdose, how and when to use Narcan -- naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal medication -- and provide the naloxone for free to anyone who wants or needs it.

Please contact MaryAnn Meyer-Schuck at 256-509-1206 if you are interested in learning more about this free training or if your group is interested in hosting a training.

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