Lincoln County Board of Public Utilities (LCBPU) officials approved a 600-foot water line extension on Wright Road at the cost of $62,286 during their January board meeting.

The eight-inch line will benefit LCBPU’s system for future water line extensions and will serve two churches on the west side of Huntsville Highway in the Park City area.

LCBPU will help mitigate some of the infrastructure costs by paying for the bore across Huntsville Highway from the east side, which will cost approximately $7,669, and paying for the cost of a six-inch line, for an estimated $32,399. Both churches will pay a portion of the cost of the difference for the upgrade to an eight-inch waterline, with their share estimated at approximately $15,000 each, not including engineering fees and contractors’ bids.

The board voted to accept the numbers quoted and will let the bids for contractors.

In other action, the board voted to accept a bid for a 125KW generator for the Wells Hill pump station from John Bouchard & Sons Co., for $63,588. 

“We are installing a generator that is fairly large, and since there are houses nearby, we want it to be as little noise disturbance as possible,” said Superintendent Chris Merz. “We are going to use a Cummins brand generator and will install their best rated sound attenuating enclosure.”

A request for a change order was approved, providing the extra charge for the upgrade is reasonable. The change would make a switch from a level two to a level three generator. This upgrade would be for a generator that creates sounds at 60 decibels instead of 70 dB. The 70 dB generates sound twice as loud as the 60, Merz said.

Wells Hill pump station will push water to the Skinem water tank.

While giving an update on the installation of new water meters, Merz noted that 7,300 have been installed and 1,950 have yet to be installed. The projected completion date is May at the latest.

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