Weekly meals

In appreciation of all first responders, a crockpot-luck meal will be available each week throughout November to those who serve and protect our community.

“If you are a police officer, EMT, firefighter — any public servant — you are welcome to come eat,” said Jen King, who is organizing the weekly meals, each held at the Fayetteville-Lincoln County Arts Center, 303 Main Ave. S.

The event got its start last week. Upcoming meals are planned for 6 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 14, and the following two Tuesdays, Nov. 19 and Nov. 26.

“Last week, after my QPR training session, I got to chat with my pal who is a city police officer as he had a little free time after responding to a call,” she said. “We always discuss the positive direction of certain things and the negative balance of others as the year and seasons turn out.

“Then his buddy called — it was their window of opportunity to eat dinner,” she said, noting that both officers had just finished with their most recent calls. “This was the moment I became aware that many our public servants often don’t get to eat when they’re hungry but also eat out most nights because of the untimeliness of much of their work.

“It seems apparent, but I was simply unexposed to the first-hand emotion about it,” she said. “I was moved to my core ... I wanted to do something for them. A crockpot-luck style meal came to mind.”

King is also looking for a handful of volunteers who can assist in making the weekly meals happen. Anyone interested can message her on her Facebook page.

The weekly meals are not an FLCAC sponsored event; however, Art League members may use the facility as long as it doesn’t conflict with other activities.

“I would also like to also challenge all church groups to open your Wednesday night fellowship meals to our first responders as well,” she added. “Let’s feed the folks who serve and protect.”

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