Warrior Exhibit

The team that launched the Warrior Project four years ago has now established a nonprofit, Friends of Fayetteville-Lincoln County Veterans, and is considering the acquisition of a building that will become the Warrior Exhibit’s permanent home.

“We’re officially a 501(c)(3),” said Linda Williams, a key figure in the exhibit’s inception and continued oversight, late last week, explaining that the local nonprofit has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt charitable organization.

“We’re now exploring the option of buying a building and would like to raise sufficient funds to move the exhibit to a building that would become its permanent home,” she continued.

Now housed at the Fayetteville Recreation Center on the Winchester Highway, the Warrior Exhibit serves as a lasting tribute to Lincoln County’s veterans who gave their all in the name of God and country as well as all veterans who have ever lived in the county.

The pictures of well over a thousand veterans line the walls of the exhibit, which also includes other displays honoring the men and women who have ever lived here and served or are serving in the military.

“Ideally, we would love to be housed in a building in the downtown area,” Williams said, adding that such a location would be very visible and easily accessible to foot traffic. “In addition to allowing us to expand the exhibit more, we feel as though it would also be more enjoyed and appreciated by the community.

“We’re certainly grateful to the City of Fayetteville for the home that they’ve provided to us, and the staff at the recreation center have been wonderful. For us, it’s important that the exhibit also serve as an educational tool ... Young people today need to realize the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country and our way of living. A more visible and accessible location would accomplish that.”

The Friends of Fayetteville-Lincoln County Veterans are accepting donations and will be launching additional fundraisers in coming months. The first of those will be a quilt fundraiser that will soon be announced. The group is also looking at initiating a monthly membership program in the near future so that anyone wishing to contribute on an ongoing basis can do so easily. Details will follow in upcoming editions of The Times.

Donations to the cause can be made to Friends of Fayetteville-Lincoln County Veterans and mailed to the organization’s treasurer, Joyce Clemmer, at 137 Lincoln Road, Fayetteville, 37334.


Still accepting pictures

Photographs of servicemen and women continue to be accepted by organizers of the Warrior Exhibit.

Pick-up and return envelopes are available at the recreation center, located at 1203 Winchester Highway, Fayetteville. The committee is asking for five- by seven-inch photos of veterans in uniform preferably. With the submission of each picture, a $20 donation is asked. If photos need to be corrected or fixed – for example, if photos are creased or have spots, those can be corrected – and in those cases, an additional $7 donation is requested to assist with the cost of having the corrections made.

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