Powerful winds during last Wednesday night’s storms damaged some structures, knocked out power, and toppled countless trees across the county.

Crews with the Lincoln County Highway Department, assisted by the Sheriff’s Department and volunteers from the Boonshill Fire & Rescue, were out clearing about 20 roads as soon as the line of thunderstorms moved through. Each of the impacted roadways were cleared by midnight, with the exception of Bugger Hollow and Three Hundred Dollar Road, both of which had to be closed.

“Large trees were down on both of those roadways,” said Tim Gill, county highway superintendent. “We had to move in some heavy equipment to clear those roads, because they were too dangerous to clear at night.”

An office trailer parked at the construction site of the new Blanche School was tossed about 30 feet down a hill and some freestanding block walls were knocked down, said Ricky Bryant, supervisor of facilities and maintenance for Lincoln County Schools.

The new concrete block walls had not been attached to cross walls yet, he said, estimating winds at about 80 miles per hour. Lincoln County Department of Education representatives are expected to meet with an insurance investigator sometime this week.

Nickel-sized hail was reported in Ardmore, and a large tree was knocked down, blocking the roadway at Sumners Farm on Highway 110, according to reports to the National Weather Service.

In the northern end of the county, a tree was downed, blocking U.S. Highway 231 between Union Hollow Road and Stonesboro. Numerous trees were reportedly downed just across the Moore County line along Bartlett Hollow Road, Marr Hollow Road and Highway 231 and Highway 129 at Charity Road.

In town, the roof of the Andrew Jackson Lodge #68 was blown off, throwing debris onto the bypass and on a neighboring home located on Edgehill Road. Two cars at the residence were also damaged, according to a Fayetteville Police Department report prepared by Patrolman Kendrick Williams.

Doug Campbell, director of Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency, said the National Weather Service Huntsville Office sent a storm assessor to the Blanche construction site to determine whether it might have been tornado that hit the area.

Fayetteville Public Utilities had around 1,086 customers without power. The majority of the outages were in the Delina, Red Oak, Boonshill, Petersburg, Taft, Blanche and Ardmore areas, said authorities, noting that the system held up incredibly well considering the severity of the winds accompanying the storm. FPU’s crews came together and worked diligently to restore power as quickly as possible to those affected.

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