Vice Mayor Gwen Shelton announced her resignation from the Fayetteville Board of Mayor and Aldermen tonight, effective Nov. 7.

Having served as a city alderman, mayor and school board member since 2000, Shelton said she and her husband, Capt. Scott Shelton, will be relocating to Huntsville, Ala., where she will be working as a business development consultant and a realtor. Her husband is a pilot for Delta Airlines.

The resignation is effective just a day after the Nov. 6 city elections, which will see the Fayetteville mayor's seat and three aldermanic seats on the ballot. The qualifying deadline for those elections is at noon on Thursday, Aug. 16, at the Lincoln County Election Commission.

With Shelton resigning mid-term, the fourth high vote-getter in the Nov. 6 election would automatically win Shelton's seat, which carries with it the remaining two years on her term, according to the city's charter. 

Shelton said she first ran on a platform of change, "trying to bring Fayetteville into the 21st Century" -- "I believe I have represented all fairly and equally, regardless of which neighborhood you lived in," she said. "I take great pride in knowing I have always done just that.

"I've enjoyed working with all of you and the challenges that elected office have brought; however, life fulfillment and family aspirations are constantly evolving," she continued. "Recently, both my husband I have been offered some great opportunities, which we have been blessed to accept, so I'll be leaving Fayetteville."

By announcing tonight, Shelton said she gives citizens the opportunity to elect her replacement. 

"It is incumbent on us to all get involved and work for our community," she said. "I wish to thank everyone who has ever supported me. It has been a great privilege, and I will always cherish the opportunity bestowed on me.

"I may be leaving Fayetteville, but I will remain close ... I'll be rooting for my hometown," she added.