Shelton announces for alderman post

Gwen Shelton

Gwen Shelton

Gwen Shelton, a former mayor, alderman and school board member for the City of Fayetteville, has announced her candidacy for election as a city alderman in the Nov. 6 general election.

“As former mayor, but more importantly a concerned property owner and citizen, I feel compelled to offer myself as a candidate for alderman,” she said in making her announcement. “The current Board of Mayor and Alderman are feckless at best.

“Irresponsible spending, no long-range planning, compounded by a blatant disregard for the constituents, have put Fayetteville in needless financial crisis,” she continued.  

“I want to see an end to reckless spending by our local governments, both city and county. Specifically in the past two years, we have seen our incumbent alderman spend our money with no regard to budget constraints, prudence, or priority,” Shelton said. “Now faced with no vision and depleted funds, they have the temerity to ask you to reward their incompetence with re-election and a voluntary tax increase.

“Fayetteville needs an effective government, not higher taxes. Effective government, with progress-oriented goals, demands a committed team who will work to achieve success for Fayetteville as a whole. Our government needs to work together to revise stagnant policy and place the proper people in positions so economic growth, education, and infrastructure can keep pace with current times.

“I am a dedicated hard worker and advocate for the people committed to the future of our community and this is why I am asking for your vote,” she added.

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