Rick’s Barbecue and the new Speedway, both located on the Huntsville Highway in Fayetteville, are expected to open soon.

In Tuesday’s meeting of the Fayetteville Planning Commission, staff reported that certificates of occupancy had been issued to each of the businesses, as well as to a new downtown business, Maximum Promotional Products on North Main Avenue.

Rick’s Barbecue is located at 1419 Huntsville Hwy., while the new Speedway is located at the intersection of the Huntsville Highway and Independence Drive. Construction of both of those new businesses got underway early last fall.

In other business, the planning commission gave its approval to the upper story at 201 Main Ave. being used for residential purposes. According to discussion, a portion of the upper story will be used as an apartment while another portion will be used as an Airbnb. The main level of the structure will continue to be a commercial business.

Approval was also given to an accessory structure being used to house flowers behind The Flower House on South Main Avenue.

Planning Commission member Daniel Eldridge was elected to serve as secretary. He succeeds Lindsey Galyen, a longtime member of the commission, in the position.

The planning and codes department’s annual report for 2019 was also approved and forwarded to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The report includes goals for 2020, and topping the list of objectives is the development of codes for tiny homes in the city.

This year the city is also expected to move from the 2012 International codes to those for 2018. The shift, which will be the focus of a public hearing at some point this year, is expected to benefit city on its ISO (or Insurance Services Office) ratings.

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