Several organizations from across the community came together earlier this month to participate in a tabletop exercise dubbed “Shaken Fury”, training aimed at preparing authorities for an earthquake.

Presented by the Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency at the E911 Center, the exercise was based on the scenario of a 7.7 magnitude earthquake occurring along the New Madrid Seismic Zone near Memphis. The exercise coincided with a national level emergency response and recovery effort hosted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which took place in various locations across the Southeast.

According to officials, earthquakes are much more common than we realize in Tennessee. On Sunday, Tiptonville registered a 1.7 magnitude earthquake, and just in the past 30 days, 21 earthquakes have been recorded in the state. The nearest of those was on June 1 close to Manchester where a 2.6 magnitude quake was reported. In the past year, statewide, 349 quakes have been recorded.

The exercise was held for the purpose of evaluating and preparing the entire community’s response to a “no-notice” earthquake, to identify gaps in resources and to implement a coordinated recovery strategy.

Participating locally were the Fayetteville Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, Emergency Medical Services, Lincoln County Health Department, E911 Center, Emergency Management Agency, Lincoln County Highway Department, Red Cross and Lions Club.

Ashley Phelps, deputy director of EMA, led the exercise, held in conjunction with FEMA.  

Participants were asked how their organization would respond, how they would direct their staff to safety, who would take charge in that group in the event of a disaster, how they would communicate with other agencies and addressed other strategic questions.

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