Residential parking

People who park along residential streets where on-street parking is prohibited in Petersburg will now get a $25 ticket for the first and second illegal parking offenses, a $35 parking ticket for the third infraction, and a $212.50 ticket for the fourth offense.

The Town of Petersburg Mayor and Aldermen approved a motion for the fees during its January meeting. Petersburg Police Chief James Lyell stated that he has been giving warnings to those who violate the parking rules on residential streets, but many of the same people ignore the warnings. 

In other business, Mayor Logan Jolly swore Lyell in as a new alderman. Lyell may vote on all issues except police-related items. The board also approved hiring another part-time officer, Rachel Morales, to fill a state-mandated position as TBRIS operator. Morales was certified in Texas where she served as an officer for four years. She must go through Tennessee certification before becoming a law enforcement officer in Petersburg. After attending school, Morales will be full-time.

Aldermen also voted to raise the pay of two of the Town Hall employees by 50 cents per hour.

Officials approved the second reading of an ordinance to raise water rates by $5 per month per residence.

Jolly signed Marshall County’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan following approval by the board. While the transportation plan will not have any effect on Petersburg, the mayor said, it is a strategic effort for Marshall County which acts as a guide for community decision-makers as they respond to and anticipate growth.

Chris Sparks, CPA and Petersburg town recorder, presented the November audit report. The general fund tax revenue for the month amounted to $7,597. Year-to-date tax revenue was $35,784, which was under budget by nearly $12,762.

Other revenues, including court fines, intergovernmental, water payroll transfer, refuse, charges for services, rent and miscellaneous income, licenses and permits, amounted to $19,958. Year-to-date, the figure stood at approximately $100,569, under budget by about $2,768.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen hit another snag concerning the third reading of an ordinance that would add two more members to the town’s Municipal Planning Commission. After consulting with the Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), the mayor all members of the planning commission must live in the city. He went on to say that an older book of ordinances doesn’t address whether members of town’s planning commission must be a resident. Cole Blocker, Planning Commission chairman, remarked that the original ordinance stated that there can be one non-resident member and asked the mayor to call MTAS again to see if another document superseded the ordinance stating that all members must live inside the city limits. Officials voted to table the document and plan to research the ordinance further. 

The board voted to proceed with the repair of the electrical system at the Petersburg Post Office. Charles Gatlin, electrician, estimated that it would cost up to $3,200 to replace the breaker box, install light switches and conduit. Some damaged gutters on the back of the building may also be replaced. Since it is a federal facility and cannot be shut down, the work will have to be done on a weekend in the near future.

In October the board had discussed purchasing a lawnmower for the town and voted to explore purchasing one through a state bid. Even with a state discount, officials found that a commercial mower would probably run $8,000 to $10,000. Blocker mentioned that he has a used “Big Dog” commercial mower for sale for $4,000. It has only been used 100 hours, he said. The board approved a motion to have the mower checked out, before any agreement is made.

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