Plans for Camp

Houston Mathews, an engineer with Croy Engineering out of Huntsville, Ala., shares the architectural plans for Camp Blount with members of Fayetteville’s Municipal Planning Commission Tuesday. Work at the site is expected to get underway in July.

Fayetteville’s Municipal Planning Commission gave its approval last week to preliminary site plans for the Camp Blount Historic Site just off the Huntsville Highway south of the river bridge and the scope of a soccer complex to be developed on land donated by Daikin Industries and Goodman on Wilson Parkway.

Houston Mathews, an engineer with Croy Engineering out of Huntsville, Ala., appeared before city planners Tuesday to discuss plans for Camp Blount, which will soon see work underway. Mathews laid out plans detailing the location of a visitors’ center, pavilion, plaza, restroom facilities, parking and roadways serving the site.

While the visitors’ center will not be a part of the initial development, plans call for its addition later on, said Mathews, also indicating where walking trails and the Greer cabin would be located.

Officials also discussed efforts to secure the use of additional property between Long John Silvers and River Oak Shopping Center, where Taco Bell was formerly located, as part of the historic site’s development.

Laralee Huguley, project manager with Community Development Partners, LLC, out of Nashville, presented plans for the soccer complex planned on 12 acres donated by Goodman’s parent company, Daikin Industries, between the building housing Lincoln County Adult Education and Goodman’s radar range building on Wilson Parkway close to Wood Drive.

The project includes one U10 soccer field, grading for an additional soccer field to be developed in the future, a concrete pad for portable restrooms, a gravel parking lot with paved handicapped spaces, and access walkways, Huguley said.

“Right now we are in an environmental review phase,” she said. “That has triggered the need for an archeological study, which is very typical for Fayetteville ... but it doesn’t sound like there will be anything to cause us any problems. We should be able to move on with getting your state contract once you all approve the scope of this project.”

The requirement for the planning commission to approve the scope of the project is new, she said, going on to note that it won’t be a quick process but that she will remain available to assist on the project.


Popeyes begins construction

In discussion, officials noted that the old Whitt’s Barbecue location on the Huntsville Highway has been demolished, and construction will soon start on Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken.

A permit for construction was secured over a year ago for a corner location across the highway from Lincoln County High School, according to discussion, but more recently, another permit for the new location was secured through the city building inspector. Since the new location will house under 5,000 square feet, plans do not require approval by planners.

Construction is expected to take about 90 days, authorities said. The restaurant chain includes more than 2,000 locations.


Recreational vehicles

Planners called for a work session, to get underway at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 23, one hour ahead of its regular April session, to discuss recreational vehicles (RV’s). In particular, commission members would like to see RV’s more clearly defined in city ordinances.

Other topics such as tiny houses, solar panels, and charging ports for electric vehicles will likely be discussed in other work sessions down the road.

Planners also gave their approval to the building inspector’s March report, which included nine permits totaling $101,462 in valuation.

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