Pets rescued

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An investigation has been conducted into a house fire in Fayetteville late Tuesday evening, where firefighters rescued four dogs and two turtles.

“The call came in at 11:15 p.m.,” said Fayetteville Fire Chief Jim Baldwin, noting that the house fire was at 400 Market Street West, a short distance from the fire department.

Baldwin said he believes the fire started in one bedroom as a result of an overloaded power strip covered over by a pile of clothing. The fire was confined to the bedroom of the stone exterior, single story house.

“No one has admitted to living there,” said the chief, adding that two of the dogs were overcome by smoke and firemen administered oxygen to resuscitate them. While a woman claimed the pets, she said she didn’t live at the residence.

Officials later determined that Johnny Simms of Hazel Green, Ala., is the owner of the property.

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