The Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) has advised the Town of Petersburg Board of Mayor and Alderman that the maximum fine they can charge drivers of large trucks who ignore street signs prohibiting them from driving on narrow streets is $50.

In their May meeting, board members discussed the advice and believe there may be an exception to the maximum $50 fine, depending on the weight of the truck. They plan to research the issue further before instituting a fine. Last month the board had voted to charge drivers $1,000 for violating the law, pending advice from MTAS.

In related discussion, Mayor Logan Jolly stated that some flashing truck route signs have been installed in order to prohibit big trucks from driving on narrow streets.

“Kids at Play” signs have been placed on other streets in an effort to deter speeders. Petersburg residents have reported vehicles speeding through residential areas and near playgrounds where children are playing.

Petersburg Patrolman Matt Griffy stated that Petersburg is working with the Lincoln County and Marshall County sheriffs’ departments with scheduling so that when Petersburg officers are off, one or the other departments will cover the area.

“With the manpower we have, we’re doing the best we can,” Griffy said, adding that despite some concerns about coverage, Petersburg does have agreements with the two counties to police the town 24/7.

Griffy also noted that six warnings were issued in April for code violations. Mayor Jolly said the ordinance has been written for the 2018 Building Codes. The new ordinance will have to be approved on three readings.

In other action, the board voted to hire a part-time individual to work three days a week to help with maintenance. In a related discussion, Jolly stated that a part-time certified water operator is still needed to work for Petersburg Water.

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