Petersburg delays

The Town of Petersburg’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen delayed passing its proposed 2020 budget during its July session and will file a request with the state for an extension.

While discussing the new budget last week, Alderman Jessica Moore noted that some department increases previously approved by the board were not reflected in the proposed budget. Chris Sparks, CPA and town recorder, stated he would make those changes and the corrected budget will be presented next month.

May proved to be a good month, according to discussion, as the general fund saw an increase of $8,300 in revenue. Year-to-date, gross total income stands at nearly $248,600. Revenue minus expenses for the year amount to approximately $44,800.

Water revenues were up for the month of May by more than $25,000 -- “That’s a huge improvement,” said Sparks. Since the rate increase went into effect, the system is beginning to show a slight increase in the bottom line and beginning to cover some expenses. Net income for the fiscal year amounts to approximately $4,466.

In other discussion, Mayor Logan Jolly stated  the town has received the 2018 International Building Codes and that members of the community who would review specific codes may do so at the town hall.

Additionally, the board agreed to issue a check in the amount of $14,000 to Lincoln County Finance to purchase a used fire truck from Lincoln County Fire/Rescue for the Petersburg Fire Department.

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