Patio project at new mural advances


A new patio is expected to soon grace the area in front of the recently installed mural on West College Street just off the Fayetteville Square, thanks to a joint effort by Leadership Lincoln’s Class of 2020 and the City of Fayetteville.

The Fayetteville Board of Mayor and Aldermen gave its approval last week to spending $2,100 to assist in the project. In addition, the city’s Public Works Department will remove the old broken concrete that lies beneath the new mural unveiled in late October. The mural, a vision brought to life by local artists, depicts some of the downtown businesses which lined the west side of the square a century ago.

Mayor Michael Whisenant explained that the patio project is being proposed by Leadership Lincoln’s Class of 2020 and will include a new 1,000-square-foot concrete pad and see metal benches, flower pots that will match other planters around the square, and a trash receptacle, also matching others downtown, added to the city-owned property.

Leadership is expected to raise additional funds for the project and seek support from Lincoln County, according to discussion.

“We think this will be a very exciting project for us, because it will give us a park downtown, closer to the square, and it’s going to make that side look even better,” said Alderman Donna Hartman, who is also a member of Leadership’s current class, as she made the motion to fund the $2,100 request. “The concrete under the mural, if you’ve checked it out, is broken and hazardous.”


I-65 billboard

The City Board also gave its approval to the artwork for a billboard that will be at mile marker 360 just before the Elkton exit on the northbound side of Interstate 65. Aimed at drawing visitors to the city to enhance economic opportunities for local businesses, the billboard’s message has been discussed in several recent meetings.

Ultimately, the billboard will feature “Fayetteville, Tennessee” in white lettering on a forest green background to the left, with the words, “Slawburgers, Whiskey, and Tennessee Heritage”, also in white lettering on the forest green, dominating the area to the right. It will also include the notation on a navy-blue background below, “Exit 14”.

The Fayetteville-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau also has a billboard promoting the city on the southbound side of the interstate, Whisenant noted, adding that the board had approved the agreement for the billboard in December.

“I do like the fact that the people who did our branding said they thought this is what would work best,” said Alderman Jeff Alder. “The darker background I think will stand out more with the white lettering.”


IDB appointment

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen also approved the appointment of Thuston Britt to the Fayetteville-Lincoln County Industrial Board.

Put forward by the Industrial Oversight Committee, Britt comes from a background in contracts and purchasing, working for a technology-focused firm as well as with utility, bank, and a large sanitation company. He is also the husband of Lincoln County Commissioner Stephanie Britt.

The appointment now goes to the Lincoln County Commission for final approval this week.


Strategic planning

The board will meet in its annual Strategic Planning Session at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 29, in the Fayetteville Public Utilities’ community room to discuss its future goals and priorities.

Other topics also expected to be discussed includes the city’s proposed ADA Transition Plan, a plan that assesses city sidewalks and buildings, ranking them in order of priority as far as how well they comply with the American Disabilities Act. The proposed plan, as submitted by Community Partners, is available for review at the Fayetteville Municipal Building.

It was also likely that the city will discuss a draft of the recreation study which it has received.


Other business

The board approved permits the Slawburger Chase 5K set for April 18 and the Junior’s House Blue Ribbon Walk that will take place May 13.

Two new firefighters – Daniel Underwood and Chris Young – were also sworn in during the meeting.

Stacy Rozell, city finance director, noted that February marks the last month in which 2019 property taxes can be paid without penalty. The Municipal Building will be open Feb. 29 from 7:30 a.m. to noon to accept payments. Beginning March 1, a 1.5 interest penalty will be added per month. If you have still not paid your 2018 taxes, those will be turned over to the city attorney for collection on March 26.

Officials also gave their approval to the 2019 Planning Commission Annual Report, which highlighted projects approved in the last year and addresses 2020 goals.

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