Over 100 runners and walkers from across Lincoln County as well as Huntsville, Ardmore, Shelbyville, Brentwood, Nashville and Sewanee participated in the Third Annual Imagination Library 5K Race and One-Mile Walk Saturday.

“In addition, this year we also had some runners come all the way from Pennsylvania and Rhode Island,” said Helen Fussell, who chairs the annual event.

Fayetteville’s Jeremy Shelton was the fastest male runner with a speedy time of 20:33, and Christine Pigg, also of Fayetteville, earned the top female spot with a time of 24:50.

“Due to the overwhelming support of these runners and Lincoln County businesses which provided either sponsorship or door prizes, and of course our tons of volunteers, we were able to raise lots of money for the Imagination Library of Lincoln County,” said Mrs. Fussell. “The books this worthy organization provides little ones up to age 5 will continue to help with literacy and ensure that the future of Lincoln County students is bright!”

Finishing in the top 20, in addition to Shelton and Pigg, were Gregory Luna of Pennsylvania, 20:42; Joseph Pigg of Fayetteville, 20:47; Doug Daniel of Fayetteville, 20:52; Chris Davis of Fayetteville, 20:52; Nick Hopkins of Fayetteville, 22:08; Brandon Hunter of Flintville, 23:04; Cole Beddingfield of Fayetteville, 23:28; Allen Towry of Fayetteville, 23:33; James Ward of Shelbyville, 23:53; John Perry of Fayetteville, 24:25; Phil Bird of Huntsville, 24:37; Brad Ryder of Huntsville, 24:38; Josh Phillips of Nashville, 25:15; David Owens of Fayetteville, 25:54; Ben Beyer of Huntsville, 25:56; Drew Ryder of Huntsville, 25:57; Ivana Ward of Fayetteville, 26:19; Beth Arndt of Fayetteville, 27:23; and Amy Hunter of Flintville, 27:52.

The top male finishers in each age group during Saturday’s 5K race follow:

Ages 1-9, Andrew Dixon with a time of 34:42; Raymond Hunt, 34:42; and Alex Dixon, 41:48; ages 10-14, Nick Hopkins, 22:08, Cole Beddingfield, 23:28, and Allen Towry, 23:33; ages 15-19, Joseph Pigg, 20:47, Joshua Wiggin, 25:15, Zachariah Wiggin, 40:30; ages 20-24, no entries; ages 25-29,Doug Daniel, 20:52, Ben Beyer, 25:56, and Andrew Monks, 30:17; ages 3-34, Brandon Hunter, 23:04, Josh Phillips, 25:26, and Joshua Arndt, 37:14; ages 35-39, Tim Smith, 33:31; ages 40-44, J.B. Cox, 30:45; ages 45-49, Gregory Luna, 20:42, Chris Davis, 20:52, and James Ward, 23:53; ages 50-54, David Owens, 25:55; ages 55-59, Randall Phillips, 28:34, Larry Barnes, 30:15, and Mack Hamilton, 30:38; ages 60-64, Dale Thomas, 30:30; and ages 65-69, Phil Bird, 24:37, and Ron Thomas, 29:37.

The top female finishers in each age division follow as well:

Ages 1-9, Molly Barnes, 45:10; ages 10-14, Savanna Davis and Elizabeth Warden, both with a time of 29:34, Elizabeth Barnes, 30:42, and Amanda Bowden, 31:06; ages 15-19, Elise Barnes, 35:20; ages 20-24, no entries; ages 25-29, Amy Hunter, 27:52, and Jamie Thomas, 39:25; ages 30-34, Sidney Ogle, 33:46, Lori Hill Orth, 34:46, and Anna C. Cowley, 40:28; ages 35-39, Ivana Ward, 26:19, Beth Arndt, 27:23, and Nelana Towry, 29:46; ages 40-44, Nell Green, 30:50; Bridget Hopkins, 32:36, and Tricia Jean, 33:45; ages 45-59, Tammy Smith, 31:30, Alicia Kidd, 32:36, and Kem Barnes, 33:00; ages 50-54, Jodi Noe, 31:15, Jackie Graham, 34:15, and Theresa Weir, 36:01; ages 55-59, Janet Gardner, 30:06, Amy Osteen, 46:32, and Marie Swearingen, 54:23; and ages 60-64, Kathy Jones, 54:43, and Rita Hillis, 54:45.

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