Officers from 40 law enforcement agencies across multiple states were in Fayetteville last week as the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department hosted the Tennessee Highway Patrol Plus Interdiction Initiative, an all-crimes approach to stopping crime on the state’s roadways.

“Our Interdiction Plus Team takes an all-crimes approach to detection of all crimes,” said THP’s Lt. Bill Miller Friday, as the weeklong training came to a close. “Not just drug trafficking, but we look at the illegal credit card business that’s out there, the skimmers, stolen property, as well as human trafficking.

“The state of Tennessee is in great hands today,” he continued. “The officers who came to this training are eager to work, they’re eager to find those criminals and criminal activity and learn how they can detect misleading behavior … They want to find that person and get them off the road.”

Held at Lincoln County High School, the 40-hour class also took 81 officers though exercises so that they could hone their skills when it comes to locating illegal drugs hidden away in the natural voids and created spaces within vehicles, as well as a wide range of other topics related to enforcement.

Among other officials on hand Friday was Tennessee Commissioner of Safety Jeff Long,

The Interdiction Plus Initiative involves a combined local agency approach to interdiction with direct support from federal and state agencies. First introduced about a decade ago, it now consists of teams across the state.

The mission of the Tennessee Interdiction Plus Initiative is to enhance regional highway interdiction operations, to disrupt and dismantle terrorist and criminal organizations operating with the state, and to preserve citizen safety on Tennessee highways through effective traffic and commercial vehicle enforcement.

Targets include foreign and domestic terrorism; foreign and domestic drug trafficking organizations; kidnapping, bank robbery, carjacking, Amber Alerts and interstate theft; detection and enforcement of firearms and explosives; human trafficking and immigration violations; fraudulent documents and counterfeit money and documents; enforcement of state law violations and highway enforcement; and fugitive apprehension.

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