Motlow mechatronics

Motlow State Mechatronics Instructor Charlie King is pictured with a FANUC robot in the FANUC lab at the newly opened Automation & Robotics Training Center in McMinnville.

Motlow State Mechatronics Instructor Charlie King recently became a FANUC Certified Education Robot Training (CERT) Program instructor.

This certification includes FANUC Handling Tool Operations and Programming.

King has over 35 years of experience with robotics and automation in the manufacturing industry.

FANUC America, a world-leader in manufacturing industrial robots, provides the necessary training for instructors in both Industry as well as educational classes. FANUC’s curriculum introduces students to robot applications, including integrated vision systems (iRVision), programming a robotic logic controller, and using ROBOGUIDE simulation software. Obtaining the CERT certification is step one of the two-step process that allows Motlow to be a FANUC Authorized Satellite Training (FAST) Program.

Motlow’s advancing of the CERT Education program to FAST endorsement will further elevate the college to an elite group of industry-recognized institutions relied upon to help provide a highly skilled workforce to local industry, meeting the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing businesses.