TVA rain gauge for flooding

An official with the Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency said the area is currently experiencing "some localized flooding in low areas." 

EMA Director Doug Campbell said officials are unfortunately also having to assist some stranded motorists. 

As of 4:07 p.m. the river gauge is reflecting a crest of 19.5 feet (minor flood stage) sometime between now and 4 p.m. Monday afternoon, Campbell said. 

The gauge information can be found at by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the link for Elk River Water Levels. 

Campbell said the EMA spoke with a TVA river control supervisor and there are no planned releases for the Elk River until Tuesday, Sept. 21. 

"The lake and dam are all in good shape," Campbell said. "We have received numerous calls about information on Facebook and Tim's Ford making a release. I do not know where the information is coming from that is being posted and can only rely on what we were told by the supervisor over river control at the dam. They are running at 240cfs which is their normal flow amount and we were told that any rise we experience will be from local runoff into the river."