Well over 100 law enforcement officers from agencies across multiple states will converge in Fayetteville this week for special interdiction training conducted by the Tennessee Highway Patrol Interdiction Plus Team in conjunction with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

The sheriff’s department will be hosting the training, which got underway on Monday and will continue through Friday of this week at Lincoln County High School.

“We’re expecting 120 officers, who’ll be coming from a number of different states,” said Lt. Jeff Bradford, who is in charge of patrols for the LCSD and serves as commander of the department’s SWAT team and Honor Guard. “Officers will be coming from as far away as New Jersey and South Carolina.

“We’re tickled to be able to host it,” he said. “The training is only conducted three or four times throughout the year, and we’ve been trying to get it for a while.”

The Interdiction Plus Initiative involves a combined local agency approach to interdiction with direct support from federal and state agencies. First introduced about a decade ago, it now consists of teams across the state.

The mission of the Tennessee Interdiction Plus Initiative is to enhance regional highway interdiction operations, to disrupt and dismantle terrorist and criminal organizations operating with the state, and to preserve citizen safety on Tennessee highways through effective traffic and commercial vehicle enforcement.

Targets include foreign and domestic terrorism; foreign and domestic drug trafficking organizations; kidnapping, bank robbery, carjacking, Amber Alerts and interstate theft; detection and enforcement of firearms and explosives; human trafficking and immigration violations; fraudulent documents and counterfeit money and documents; enforcement of state law violations and highway enforcement; and fugitive apprehension.

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