Two juveniles are being charged with burglary, aggravated animal cruelty and vandalism following their alleged spree of destruction through Ralph Askins Elementary School over a two-day period last weekend.

According to a report filed with the Fayetteville Police Department, surveillance video at the school captured the 11-year-old boys making multiple entrances into the school, dumping peanut butter and whipped cream into a fish tank, killing everything in it, including valued companion animals and exotic and rare water plants that were donated to the school.

In addition, the boys reportedly threw sodas on the floor, sprayed a hallway, television and at least one classroom with spray chalk, sprinkled salt and pepper on iPads, stole sports equipment, candy and soft drinks from the teachers’ lounge, took $1,000 worth of gift cards and a backpack with $100 worth of school supplies.

Damage to the walls is estimated at about $1,500, and damage to the fish tank at least $200.

As of Monday morning, one of the parents was served with a juvenile petition, but officers had been unable to locate the other boy and parent at that time. They are scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

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