Jake brake ordinance heads to city vote

An ordinance aimed at banning the use of Jake brakes in residential areas of the city is on the agenda for this week’s meeting of the Fayetteville Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

With the board somewhat divided on the proposed ordinance, officials agreed to move it forward during Thursday’s work session. The ordinance, drafted by the Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), would make the use of Jake brakes a finable offense.

“This has come before us for three or four months now probably,” said Alderman Danny Bryant. “I would kind of like to know what our feelings are before going on with ordinances and all that. I mean, if there’s not enough support on the board to really do anything with this, I wouldn’t see any reason for it to go any further. If there’s enough support on the board to go ahead with it, then go ahead with it.”

“I don’t think it should go any further myself,” said Alderman Jeff Alder.

“I’m not in support of it,” added Alderman Tonya Allen.

“Well, I have brought this before the board several times, because I have been approached by the public,” said Alderman Donna Hartman. “It’s a noise nuisance, especially for people who live close around the bypass, Mulberry Avenue. It’s very distracting for them. A lot of these are in the early morning hours. It’s truckers coming into town at a higher rate of speed than what’s posted, and they’re using these brakes to make the turns and slow their vehicles down.

“... We don’t want to stop the trucks from coming through,” she said, adding, however, that trucks should take the correct routes through town and that such an ordinance would be less destructive, particularly in instances where curbs and signs have been run over. “There’s just a proper way of doing things, and I think this is an ordinance our city needs.”

“I would like to see it move forward to a final vote,” said Alderman Rachael Martinez.

Noting that one member of the board wasn’t present for the work session, Mayor Michael Whisenant said he believed he agreed with it moving forward so that the whole board can vote on it.