Injured worker rescued from roof

A worker injured while repairing the roof of a local industry was rescued from the roof by Fayetteville Fire Department personnel late Friday morning.

According to Chief Jim Baldwin of the FFD, a piece of metal sprung up  from the Frito-Lay roof and hit one of the men in the back while he was repairing the roof.

A small fire about two weeks ago had damaged a small area of the roof, Baldwin said.

 The roof worker, whose name was not released, could not move after he was hit, Baldwin said.

Several firefighters arrived at the plant and secured the man into a Stokes basket and then eased the man down to the ground by ladder.  

Lincoln Medical EMS personnel were on the scene and attended to the man before transporting him to the hospital.

“EMS helped us and worked well with us,” said Baldwin, commending emergency workers.

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