Donna Hartman has announced her candidacy for an aldermanic seat in the city election on Nov. 6.

Hartman is a native of Tennessee and has called Fayetteville home for 18 years. She said she decided to run because she believes our city is at a critical crossroad – “We must move forward because surrounding cities and towns are passing us by,” she said.

She has worked as an executive office administrator for 25 years with the Madison County, Ala., District Attorney’s Office where she serves as chief financial officer, overseeing all fiscal and budgetary day-to-day operations, accounts payable and receivable, and is the head of human resources.

As candidate for alderman with 25 years’ experience in the Madison County District Attorney’s Office, she said public safety is very important to her.

“I will work hard to provide the equipment all first responders need to make their job better while protecting our city,” Hartman said. “I wish our police headquarters could be manned 24/7, but due to funding, this is not feasible. As an alternative, I would like to see our police headquarters have a safe space for after hour needs with a phone that dials directly to 911, a place out of the weather and equipped with cameras.

“I will work hard to continue to revitalize our downtown area. I think we as leaders need to talk with the local merchants and see how we might help grow their business,” she continued. “We should meet with the downtown property owners to see how we might help get a business in that empty store front or how we can assist in improving the appearance of their property.

“I think we need to preserve and protect the historical homes throughout the city. These homes are a part of our past and our character. Many cities no longer have this history remaining. My main goal is to have public downtown bathroom facilities.

“I want to see a new recreation center built for all ages,” said Hartman. “Seniors are living longer, and we need to have a place where they can remain active.”

Saying she is a proud mother, she noted that her youngest son, Zach, played football and ran track at Fayetteville City and Lincoln County High School where he graduated. Zach currently serves his community as a police officer in Brentwood and serves his country as a commander with the Army National Guard.

Donna has been very active and invested in our community, she said, adding that you may have seen her on the stage with Carriage House Players.  She is also a member of Main Street and the Chamber of Commerce. She is also a member of First United Methodist Church.

“As alderman I will bring my business and financial expertise and background to this board with fresh new leadership,” she added. “I will represent all the citizens. I would appreciate your vote and support.”