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Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) announced new cable packages and changes to current cable rates during their August board meeting.

Customers can benefit from the new rates starting in October 2019.

The new tier level packages begin with the Lifeline package for $25 a month before tax. Customers can then choose to add additional tiers. The first tier includes both the Lifeline and the Entertainment package for $49.50 a month before tax. From there, customers can add the Family tier for an additional $12.50 or the Sports and News tier for $34.00 or choose to purchase all tiers for $96.00 a month before tax. The prices for premium channels such as HBO, Showtime and Encore will remain the same.

These new all-digital plans include one HD receiver box. Additional receiver boxes are $6 a month, and receiver boxes with DVR functions are $11 a month. Existing customers can take advantage of the new pricing and packages with no transfer fees. Those customers can contact FPU to switch to a new package starting October 2019.

Customers who move to the new packages will see an updated interactive channel guide which replaces the scrolling guide previously on Channel 16, as well as some changes to the channel lineup. FPU also announced that it would no longer be offering Pay-Per-View channels.

“The new packages offer very competitive pricing,” said FPU CEO/General Manager Britt Dye. “We have been working to move to an all-digital platform for the past several years. It allows us to free up bandwidth to create room for newer technologies, increase internet speeds and to offer more options to our customers in the future.”

Current customers of FPU cable packages can remain on their existing package, but the rates for those packages will increase effective March 1, 2020. While the Budget Basic and Hometown package pricing will stay the same, Basic Plus will increase from $68.00 to $76.35, Digital Basic from $80.62 to $88.56, Digital DVR from $87.09 to $92.72, Digital HD from $82.72 to $88.56 and Complete Digital from $88.18 to $92.72. This rate increase will cover programming costs, which have continuously increased over the last several years.

Current FPU cable customers can continue on their existing plans; however, after October 2019, if those customers wish to make changes, they will have to switch to the new tier level pricing. Additionally, once a customer switches to the new package, they will not be able to return to any previous plans.

Internet customers will also see an increase in their speeds. FPU is increasing the upload and download speeds on all internet packages. Customers who previously had 50Mbps speed for downloads and 5Mbps for uploads will increase to 75Mbps for downloads and 7.5Mbps for uploads, those on the 75Mbps download/7.5Mbps upload will increase to 100Mbps download/10Mbps upload and the 100Mbps download/10Mbps upload will increase to 125Mbps download/12.5Mbps upload package. These changes will take place automatically at no cost to the customer and will go into effect October 2019.

Existing customers will be receiving a letter from FPU explaining the new packages in detail. For information about existing service or new services, please contact FPU at 931-433-1522 or visit FPU online at fpu-tn.com.

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