The PETCO Foundation has awarded the Humane Society of Lincoln County grant funding to train Shelter dogs in foster care to make them more adoptable.

“It’s a fact that adult Shelter dogs have a much better chance of being adopted if they have had some training, and their chances also improve if adopters know they have been in foster care,” said Sharon Dunkin, Humane Society president.

“This is an awesome opportunity for some great adult Shelter dogs. HSLC Shelter visitors seem to pass by adult dogs in favor of cute, little puppies. We want to turn that around and show what great adult dogs we have.”

So anyone interested is invited to sign-up to foster a Shelter dog for four weeks and commit to training it while the shelter continues to search for its forever home.

“By fostering, you can make a huge difference for one special dog,” Dunkin said.

The PETCO grant covers the spay/neuter surgery, rabies shot, a gentle leader training collar and leash, an Adopt Me vest for foster dogs to wear in public, a dog bed, water and food bowls, and a 30-pound bag of dog food.

It also covers three four-week training sessions the HSLC will hold throughout the summer. The first one will start in June as soon as the Shelter has enough foster caregivers enrolled. Once a week for four weeks foster caregivers will bring their foster dog to class to learn how to teach it to walk on a leash and learn some basic commands like sit, come, stay.

While in foster care, the HSLC will continue to feature the dog on PetFinder and other adoption websites. The Shelter will also video some training sessions and add to those websites. So if your foster dog gets lucky, you may not need to foster it for the full four weeks, but at the end of four weeks, if your foster dog hasn’t already been adopted, bring it back to the HSLC Shelter and volunteers will continue their search for its forever home.

To become a foster caregiver for a Shelter dog, call the HSLC Shelter at (931) 438-8401 or email “We’re waiting to hear from you,” Dunkin added.

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