Fire erupts

Vehicle fires erupted following a collision between a Lincoln County school bus and SUV early Monday morning, but fortunately, no children were on the bus at the time.

Highland Rim Elementary School officials said that the bus services its school and that it was turning around in preparation to begin its route about 6:45 a.m.

The collision happened in Park City at the intersection of the Huntsville Highway and Houk Road.

Authorities said the driver of the SUV was trapped in his burning vehicle initially. A state trooper, who was nearby when the accident occurred, responded. Initially, the trooper used a fire extinguisher in an attempt to put out the fire, but when he saw that wasn’t going to work, he pulled the man from the burning vehicle.

A Facebook post by the Lincoln County school system noted that both drivers were transported to nearby hospitals as a precaution.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol was unable to release additional information Monday as its investigation continued; however, details are expected to be released as the investigation is completed.

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