Rain Gauge flooding

Water is still rising in the Fayetteville city limits and at the Harms area, according to Emergency Management Agency Director Doug Campbell, who said he received an afternoon update from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Campbell said the water is due to the input from creeks that feed into the river from Norris Creek, Cane Creek, Swan Creek and Bradshaw Creek, west of the river gauge.

The river gauge currently reflects levels dropping at Eldad Road, Campbell said.

“TVA advised they have no planned release (of Tims Ford Dam) until Tuesday mid-day,” Campbell said. “They are running models every 6 hours and so far, all their models are reflecting about the same thing. The river crested just a little higher than what they expected, but just by a little. TVA models currently are reflecting that we will be back to or below the 14-foot or “action stage” level by 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. We were advised the planned release mid-day tomorrow will not reach Fayetteville until Wednesday or 18 hours later. They are monitoring the Elk River and will not do anything that increases the flooding potential in Fayetteville or the county, unless absolutely necessary and we will be advised if anything like this happens.”