Bids for three projects, all aimed at resolving nagging drainage issues in the Markham Drive, Brookmeade Circle and Bagley Drive areas, are on the agenda for this week’s meeting of the Fayetteville Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

The first of those will be the replacement of a tile with a box culvert on Markham Drive, according to discussion in Wednesday’s City Board work session. Officials are expected to take action on the lowest bid submitted, which came in at $94,500 from Curbers, Inc.

A second project will see a temporary road constructed, joining Brookmeade Circle and Markham Drive across the Dickey property, so that residents on each side of the cul de sac will have a way in and out of their properties as four aging drainage tiles along Brookmeade are replaced. Engineering is currently underway for the replacement of those tiles. On the agenda is the lowest bid received for the temporary road. The bid, submitted by Lincoln Paving, came in at $30,200.

The third project will see improvements made to a portion of Bagley Drive where the city has been dealing with drainage issues for several years. This is the second time the project has been bid. This time, the lowest bid came in at $129,230, and officials opted to negotiate with the contractor. The negotiated bid, which saw two catch basins and sodding eliminated for other alternatives, amounts to $90,256. It, too, is expected to be on the agenda of this week’s City Board meeting.

As discussion of other storm water drainage issues continued in Wednesday’s work session, officials also agreed to place on the agenda a proposal to put out requests for qualifications (RFQ’s) for engineering firms, with which the city would work throughout the fiscal year instead of having to advertise for engineering services on each project individually.


Water and sewer work

Extensive discussion took place on the city’s proposed update to its ordinance pertaining to excavation and cuts. Talks centered on the city and Fayetteville Public Utilities working together as the city makes plans to pave certain streets and as the utility continues its water and sewer rehab project.

Britt Dye, general manager and CEO of FPU, and Alderman Danny Bryant and Vice Mayor Dorothy Small, members of the city’s public works committee, discussed concerns related to the proposed updates and how changes might impact or hinder work going forward, particularly given the complexities of the extensive rehab project.

Both the city and FPU currently work together in respect to the city’s paving schedule and FPU’s water and sewer rehab project, but going forward, additional emphasis is expected to be placed on coordinating work as much as possible.


Turn Fayetteville Teal

Summer Allmon spoke to the board about the September campaign, Turn Fayetteville Teal, to increase awareness and raise funds for ovarian cancer research, a mission of the Quatina M. Wolaver Foundation of Hope.

According to her presentation, 22,530 American women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year, and 14,000 will die from the disease. There is no test or screening available, she said, adding that the disease is the most deadly of all the gynecological cancers. Common symptoms include pelvic, abdominal or back pain, bloating, loss of appetite or feeling full quickly, increased urgency or frequency in urination, menstrual changes, and pain during intercourse.

To heighten awareness, Allmon asked for the blessing of the board to place ribbons on city lamp posts and on the doors of participating businesses. She also noted that the courthouse is expected to be lit in teal during the month of September.


Other business

The board is also expected to act on two permits that are being sought, one for the 16th Annual Trail of Tears event on Oct. 26 and a new event, Mingle and Jingle, on Nov. 2.

In discussion, City Administrator Scott Collins noted that the city’s new fire chief, Jim Baldwin, will assume his position here July 15. From Strawberry Plains in East Tennessee, Baldwin has 30 years’ experience in fire service.

It was also noted that Speedway has selected a contractor for its new location on the Huntsville Highway and site work should begin soon.

A discussion about recreation revenues being delineated via a unique line item in the recreation department’s budget, rather than going into the general fund, took place. That request will be considered in the FY2020 budget year.

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