(From left) Commander Jesse Casias and Chief Richard Howell of the Fayetteville Police Department accept the keys to a decommissioned ambulance, donated to the department by Lincoln Health System and Lincoln Medical Center. Handing over the keys are Richard Wright, director of the Ambulance Service, and Russ Spray, interim chief executive offer of LHS. The ambulance will be used by FPD’s Special Operations Response Team.

Lincoln Health System and the Lincoln Medical Center Ambulance Service donated a decommissioned ambulance unit to the Fayetteville City Police Department to be used for their Special Operations Response Team (SORT).

The ambulance unit is longer able to be used by the Ambulance Service due to a recent change in a federal regulation that altered the requirement for the necessary headroom in the patient compartment.

“The transfer of ownership of this unit to the police department allows this piece of equipment to continue to be used for service to the community,” said Russ Spray, interim chief executive officer of Lincoln Health System.

“We value our relationship with the Fayetteville Police Department, and we welcome any opportunity to work with them and help support their service to Fayetteville,” he added.

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