Community survey

A community survey is underway online as part of the ongoing branding and marketing initiative being conducted for the City of Fayetteville by Chandlerthinks out of Franklin.

Links to the survey can be found on the City of Fayetteville’s Facebook page as well as on The Times’ Facebook page.

Questions posed in the survey touch upon a wide range of subjects, including how likely you are to recommend the city as a place to live and a place to visit, adjectives or phrases that best describe tourism here, which assets draw the most visitors and dollars, your level of community pride, how well the city delivers when it comes to attracting visitors, the most iconic visual that best represents Fayetteville, the type of visitor the city best fits, and our greatest challenges in being a more popular tourism destination.

It also asks how you would classify city government when it comes to being close or open minded, fast or slow paced, conservative or progressive, conservative or siloed, effective or ineffective, and proactive or reactive. Continuing, the 25-question survey asks you to use the five senses in describing the most “memorable Fayetteville experiences” a visitor should take in and what can be added to increase tourism in the city.

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