The Fayetteville Regional Planning Commission pushed back approval of the conceptual layout for Brookstone Commons Phase II for at least the second time last week as officials pressed for developers to adhere to safety requirements.

Developers of Brookstone Phase II, which includes 27 residential lots in the area of Terry Addition, are wanting to incorporate a gravel drive to provide access for emergency vehicles, but the fact that the gravel drive’s load level wouldn’t accommodate heavier emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks, resulted in planners delaying action.

“We want the property to be developed, but we want it developed correctly,” said Rovena Wade, commission chair, explaining that one of the lot lines would need to be adjusted and the access roadway widened and tarred and chipped to handle the weight of emergency vehicles before planners could consider granting approval.

“It comes down to a safety issue,” she continued, adding that plans would also need to be reviewed by the city’s engineer and meet with the city building inspector’s approval. The tarred and chipped drive would be maintained by either the developers or a homeowners association.

All phases considered, Brookstone Commons would include about 50 residential properties, according to discussion. The developer is Hyde Homes, LLC. The proposal is expected to come back to planners next month.

In other business, city planners gave their approval to a minor plat subdivision for Clinebrook on Wells Hill Road, basically straightening lot lines and providing access, as well as a minor plat subdivision of the Howell property at the corner of Franklin and Washington Street.

Approval was also given for an offsite sewer extension revision to plans for Cowell properties in the area of where the new Speedway is going to be located. Basically that approval just allows for one of two planned retention ponds to be moved and expanded by approximately 40 square feet.

According to the building inspector’s report, seven permits were issued during September for $1,340 in revenue and for total project valuation of $237,917.

Among the permits issued was one for the demolition of the old Badenhop building on South Main Avenue. Making application for the permit was Denard and Moore Construction of Tennessee.

Other permits included construction and maintenance work at Frito-Lay, an in-ground pool, with a fence and alarm system, at 1002 Covemont Drive, construction of a new home at 228 Masters Way, a remodel for the new location of Metropolitan Escrow at 2219 Thornton Taylor Pkwy., and new signage for Edward Jones at 2280 Thornton Taylor Pkwy.