Jon Law, former Mayor of the City of Fayetteville, is running for a seat on the Board as an Alderman. He is a 39-year resident of Fayetteville and former partner of Tanner Farmers Supply with his father-in-law Walter Tanner. He is also retired from Land O’ Lakes Purina where he was a Territory Manager for TN, AL, & MS. He is married to Emily Tanner Law and they have two daughters Ashley and Kelsey.

When asked why he is running alderman, Mr. Law said “I have a deep love for Fayetteville and the people who live and work here. They deserve a local government that has people on the board that have both experience and vision. Local government has two jobs. It manages services that taxpayers expect, as well as upgrades to roads, storm drains, and other infrastructure. And it must also have a vision and a specific plan of what the city can be in the future.”

He was asked about what he thinks he can do to improve the current board’s effectiveness. “The first thing I would like to see is more input from residents and businesses. We need to communicate one on one with homeowners, business owners, and our industrial partners to hear their view of the future of Fayetteville. My experience as the mayor, as well as my work in the private sector, has given me the skills and a broader perspective of what other areas in our region are doing to make their towns unique. Uniqueness is the basis for increased tourism, engaged citizens, and successful local businesses. More importantly it needs to offer our children a town that fosters opportunity for high quality jobs and a vibrant quality of life for them and their families. If I am elected to the board as alderman, I promise that I will bring all my talents, skills, and prior experience as mayor to help make Fayetteville the brightest gem of Tennessee small towns. I ask for your vote and appreciate the confidence you place in me.”