How to get on the Lincoln County COVID-19 vaccination waiting list


If you are in the eligible phase, please follow the link below to add your name to a waiting list for the COVID-19 Vaccine:

Please make sure you are eligible for the vaccine under the current phase. If you are NOT eligible, the system will automatically remove you from the list.

For assistance,  call 931-490-8312

1)      At the bottom of the page click the GREEN box that reads Sign UP

2)      Then click the Submit and Sign-Up BLUE box under the green box

3)      Quantity will always be 1 as each person meeting the current open phase must register

4)     EMAIL is the preferred contact method but if you do not use email the second option is a text to your cell phone, last option is to “click” the “mobile” tab and select “home”.

5)      Answer as many questions as you can, but ESPICALLY the County

Residency and then click SIGN UP.

6)     After you receive your first vaccine shot, you will be automatically scheduled for your follow up second shot.