Kate Guin has announced her candidacy for re-election as a District 3 commissioner on the Lincoln County Commission in the Aug. 2 election.

“Friends and neighbors, a few days ago, as I suppose can only be expected when the young man is studying English, I saw my son shoot a light-hearted glance as I made some comment about “ya’ll,” and – as I suppose can also only be expected – I allowed myself to patiently ask what he would prefer me to say,” she wrote. “He said ‘you,’ and while I have no intention of changing the way I speak, his comment stuck with me in that it reminded me of one of those facts that you’ve long known but haven’t really seen the significance of until the right moment. He reminded me that when I write a letter to you, I’m at once addressing you, in your home or office, a single member of the community, as well as all of you, each and every person in the county, with varying lives and day-to-day experiences.

“It also reminded me of an off-hand comment made to me by a fellow county-commissioner about how, with a job like this, you can’t play favorites, something that struck me as obvious at the time, but has become a more detailed idea as I find myself four years into serving the county,” Guin continued in her letter. “A house is not its walls, window, or other parts; it is the total of these things taken together, just as Lincoln County is not any one of you, but all of you, and yet the county is not the county without its individual citizens, just a house isn’t a house without its walls.

“The principle behind these ideas is precisely the reason my position exists and why it has to be assumed impartially. The county commission is a voice for the walls, the windows, and the doors, all represented so that, together, this place can be a home.

“I’ve spent the last four years making decisions in support of county employees, law enforcement, and other members of the community, and have committed myself to ensuring the efficiency and integrity of our local government and the people who comprise it, because our government is nothing more than a group of Lincoln County citizens working together, and without impartiality and the desire to represent the people, those citizens don’t really form our government at all.

“This county has been a home to me, and the home in which I’m free to think on the comments of my son and enjoy the life I’ve been given would not be the same if it were not in this county,” she added. “It’s for these reasons that I am running once more for the position of county commissioner representing the people of district three, and I hope to see another four years in which I can serve as a piece of the whole that is our wonderful home.”