The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting that took place on Tuesday, November 10, concluded with three city officials – Kristi Gentry, Stacy Rozell, and Rachael Martinez – being recognized and honored by the City of Fayetteville of their accomplishments.

Planning and Codes Coordinator Kristi Gentry was the first individual to be recognized. Gentry was honored “for her successful completion of The University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service, Tennessee Certified Economic Development, and her commitment to promote Economic Development and Tourism in the City of Fayetteville.”

Finance Director Stacy Rozell was then recognized, honored “for her successful completion of The State of Tennessee Certified Municipal Finance Officer, acknowledging her proficiency in overseeing the financial responsibilities of the City of Fayetteville.”

Finally, departing Alderman Rachael Martinez was recognized upon the completion of her final BMA meeting for this term of service. The plaque presented to Alderman Martinez read as follows: The City of Fayetteville, Tennessee, in special recognition, extends the appreciation, respect, and admiration of our citizens on this 10th day of November, 2020 to our Alderman Rachael Martinez in recognition of her years of active service and leadership as a citizen and public servant. Her vision for our City’s government has served this community and our residents in an eloquent, effective, and positive manner.”