FCS back in session


Fayetteville City Schools resumed operations last Monday with an extended period of mandatory virtual learning following Christmas Break. All students who wish to attend in person will return to the classroom on Wednesday, January 13.

Virtual learning will continue to be an option for all families who feel it best to have their children receive their education at home. According to a statement released by Director of Schools Bill W Hopkins Jr. in mid-December, all families who wish to enroll their children in virtual learning can do so by contacting their school and expressing that desire. The process for transitioning from in-person to virtual is the same as it was during the fall.

Any parents who are aware that their child has either tested positive for COVID-19 or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive are asked to notify the officials for their child’s school. Phone call, email, and social media message are all viable means of contacting the school system under this pretense.

Additionally, Remote Wednesdays will not be taking place during the month of January. After assessing the need in this first month of school, Remote Wednesdays may be reinstated in the future.