Fayetteville City Schools honors custodians



Fayetteville City Schools honors custodians


Fayetteville City Schools recognized custodians system-wide during Custodian Appreciation Day on Thursday, Oct. 15. Custodians at all three schools – Ralph Askins, Fayetteville Middle and Fayetteville High – were treated to breakfast, given gifts and presented hand-written notes of appreciation from students and staff. Here, Lee Allen (far left) and Melvin McDonald (far right), custodians at FMS, pause for a photo with gifts presented by students.

The Fayetteville City School Board recently passed a resolution declaring October 15, 2020 Custodian Appreciation Day in the system. A Monopoly theme was used to inspire creativity and fun for both the students and honorees.

“In keeping with the Monopoly theme, we cannot pass GO without taking time to thank hardworking custodians in our school system,” said Bill W. Hopkins, Jr., director of schools “They have to be at school early every day to get things ready for school to begin, and they are there all day to make sure our schools are clean and safe for our students and staff.”

Board Chairman Jeff Whitmore added, “The custodians in the Fayetteville City School S have important responsibilities that help to keep the school germ-free and safe for every including the students and staff. It is important that a day is set aside to honor them.”

This appreciation day to honor custodians is the second one of eight specified days set a throughout the year to honor school employees as part of the Utrust Appreciation Program.

Utrust is an organization that assists school systems in Tennessee with unemployment is and in recognizing, supporting and appreciating school employees. It sponsors the Utrust Appreciation Program, a student leadership program that seeks to help students recognize and  express appreciation to people who make their lives better each day. Students serving on A-Team in each school will lead out and encourage all the other students and staff mem show their appreciation using fun theme-related activities for the custodians.