The Lincoln County Election Commission voted to establish precinct lines and precinct locations in conjunction with the 2020 census during the Thursday, Nov. 18 meeting held at the Ralph Hastings Building Auditorium with all members present.

Election Commission Chairman Dan Long called the meeting to order, followed by Secretary Joan Massey leading a prayer and Dale Thomas leading the pledge to the flag. Thomas made the motion to approve the October 26, 2021, minutes; seconded by Eddie Wilson and unanimously approved. Election Commission member Karen Avilla, Administrator of Elections Shelia Allen and staff members Melisa Beddingfield and Beth Bryan and County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS) representative Melissa Kelton were also in attendance. CTAS is a public service arm of the University of Tennessee.

Kelton said since the state has only four people to help local governments with redistricting, CTAS is assisting with the process.

Long deferred poll official pay under Old Business to the January 2022 meeting that includes “remove mileage, increase officer pay to compensate for picking up and returning supplies and pay (an undetermined amount) to poll official accompanying officer.”

Allen said all new voter registration cards will be mailed by the end of January 2022, adding that state representative lines could change once the redistricting across the state is completed. Currently Lincoln County is in the 14th Senatorial district, 4th Congressional district, 92nd and 62nd state Representative district and the 17th Judicial district.

The election commission discussed each of the eight districts, the voting precincts of each district and where boundary lines were shifted.

Kelton said six of the eight districts were identified as being out of line with current census data.

District 1 has three voting precincts: Precinct 1 previously voted at Molina Fire Department but will be at Kirkland Baptist Church. Precinct 11 will be at the Cash Point Baptist Church and Precinct 12 at the Taft Community Church. The population is 1,713 at Cash Point, 1,258 at Taft and 1,318 for Kirkland for a total of 4,289.

District 2 includes Precinct 13, which was previously at Boonshill Community Center, has changed to McBurg Community Center; Precinct 8 Howell Hill at Howell Church of Christ and Precinct 14 at the Petersburg Town Hall. McBurg has a population of 1,624; Howell at 1,363

and 1,220 for Petersburg for a total of 4,207.

District 3 includes Precinct 9 at Liberty Church of Christ and Precinct 3 at the Recreation Center, with Liberty having a population of 2,153 and 2,411 at the Recreation Center for a total of 4,564.

District 4 is made up of precincts 4 voting at Maranatha Baptist Church and 10, voting at First National Bank on the Huntsville Highway. Populations is 2,502 and 2,117 respectively for a total of 4,619, which is the second largest district in the county.

District 5 includes Precinct 15 at Calvary Baptist Church on Molino Road with a population of 1,747 and Precinct 5 at the Armory boasting a population of 2,457. The total for these two precincts equal 4,199.

District 6 includes Precinct 3 voting at Fayetteville Cumberland Presbyterian Church with a population of 2,466, Precinct 6 Mulberry Fire Hall with 1,037 and Precinct 17 Belleville Community Center with a population of 729. Total population for District 6 is 4,232.

District 7 includes Precinct 18 at the Elora Community Center with a population of 1,619; Precinct 19 has a population of 1,632 with voting at the Flintville Fire Hall. Precinct 7 is the Kelso area and has a population of 1,326. Previously, voting was at the Kelso Cumberland Presbyterian Church, but has changed to the Gum Springs Baptist Church for easier access. District 7 has a total population of 4,577.

District 8 includes Precinct 20 at the Lincoln Community Center and Precinct 8 with voting at the Howell Hill Church of Christ. Precinct 20 has a population of 2,188, while Precinct 8 has a population of 2,444 for a total of 4,643, making this the largest district in the county.

Allen said District 8 was “tweaked.”

Kelton commended the election commission for their excellent work in determining each precinct and was highly complimentary of Allen for her dedication to the voters of Lincoln County.