School board members from around the state, serving as their districts’ official delegates to the Tennessee School Boards Association’s (TSBA) Delegate Assembly, established TSBA’s legislative agenda for the upcoming General Assembly session. The agenda guides TSBA’s advocacy efforts throughout the year and ensures that school district voices are represented at the Capitol.

School board members made their voices – and those of their students and districts – heard on a range of issues. Several items on TSBA’s legislative agenda reflect the concerns school board members have on state mandated tests. Each year students go home for the summer without knowing how they performed on the assessments. This lack of information deprives students and parents of valuable information, such as how their students are performing in specific subject areas and where their children need additional help. Board members believe students must be the ultimate beneficiary of any test and should know how well they performed and where improvements are needed before they go home for the summer.

School board members also want to ensure that there are no new additional state mandated tests. Over the last few years there have been numerous changes and issues with state mandated assessments. Before any new state mandated assessments are added, board members believe there should be measures in place to verify that the testing data is accurate and timely. They also believe school districts should be provided with enough time to verify and correct any inaccurate data.

Once again, school board members decided to oppose any program that diverts money for public education to private schools.

The entire TSBA legislative agenda can be viewed on the TSBA website, located at

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